Medical Detox


Detox helps to take some of the stress off of family and other loved ones of an individual who has become addicted to using and abusing alcohol or other drugs on a regular basis. Once your loved one is checked into a program, they are also cared for by professional healthcare specialists, doctors, and counselors to get them through the entire process and on their way to begin rehabilitation.


Additionally, a detox program ensures your loved one’s body is responding acceptably to ensure they do not encounter additional health problems throughout their journey. Monitoring the body and its responses to detoxing is an essential factor to consider any time an individual is going through a detox program. Once the first stages of detoxing are over, your loved one is more likely to begin feeling better while focus and clarity return to the body.

The most difficult times of detoxing the body from drugs and alcohol last anywhere from just 72 hours to more than three full weeks. The time for detoxifying the body depends on the amount of drugs or other substances the individual who is addicted has built up within the body and the body’s bloodstream. The beginning of detoxifying the body is the most dangerous part of this process, when the body may have adverse reactions to not having chemicals and substances it is familiar with daily.

Throughout the detox program, facilities and treatment centers also provide both group therapy and one-on-one counseling sessions for your loved one to attend. Sharing their feelings about their addictions openly with others and with professionals is a way to ensure they are sticking to the journey of becoming sober and ridding all use of alcohol and other substances from their lives completely. Having others who are facing addiction available to help your loved one is a way for them to relate to those who are also struggling, making their journey to sobriety more realistic and achievable.

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