Do you feel trapped in addiction?


At Life Solutions Addiction Centers, we understand the urgency of providing effective treatment for those individuals who are struggling with addictions to drugs or alcohol. Our goal is to help addiction sufferers reverse the physical and emotional damages so they can resume their place in society and enjoy productive, happy lives.

Our licensed therapists and counselors are skilled and compassionate professionals who get to the heart of the issues that keep a person trapped in addiction.  To help our clients in every way possible, we have created a treatment program that aims to address every contributing factor in the addiction, and that will develop the strength and resilience needed to break through and allow our patients to successfully recover their lives. None of our clients are forced to participate in a treatment plan they are not comfortable with.

Regardless of the substance involved, the severity of the addiction, or the physical and mental health of the individual, we have a program that will bring about a lasting recovery.